"Wholesome... Sustainable."

Down 2 Earth Gardens & Landscapes have been in operation since 2011.

  • We are a small business with big ideas.
  • We care about the small people, and
  • We care very deeply about this great big spinning orb that we call Earth.

Our aim is to provide a better quality of environment and a better connection to our environment for all our clients.

You can call us Tree Hugging Hippies, we suppose. We quite like the stereotype and we love hugging trees.

We offer wholesome, sustainable landscaping and garden care services throughout the Top End.

We specialise in providing an alternative to your standard tropical garden. We want our clients to get the most out of their gardens and so we design and build multi-functional environments that can be easily maintained, are eco-friendly and educational, and additionally, can provide you with a bit of grub!

Peace, love and happy gardening to you all.

FREE Garden Tune Up Program

Dan from Down 2 Earth Gardens inspecting a sprinkler

Down2Earth Gardens & Landscapes are proud to be a part of the Living Water Smart Darwin Garden Tune Up Program.

Save money on your water bill, fix leaks and get a water efficient irrigations schedule for your home or business.

The FREE Garden Tune Up includes:

  • A FREE in garden consultation from the Down2Earth Team
  • Review and adjustment of your current irrigation schedule
  • Advice on irrigation equipment and smarter ways to use water in your garden
  • Up to $50 of immediate quick and easy repairs such as fixing leaks

Contact us today to arrange your FREE consultation.

For more information about the program, visit the Living Water Smart Darwin website